The Suck of Sundays (or, why do we spend half of the weekend complaining about Monday?)

  As I write this, it’s a Sunday night. Not just ANY Sunday night. It’s the Sunday night at the conclusion of winter break for many a school employee across these here United States of America. And, as such, you can probably guess what my Facebook feed has been filled with today - teachers and their angst about going back to work tomorrow. I’ve been guilty of this behavior in the past. I’ve commiserated with colleagues over having to get up on Monday morning, and have had that pit in the bottom of my stomach on Sunday nights. This has me thinking….why do we as educators spend so much time of our weekends being upset or worried … [read more...]

Who & What’s Interesting to Me Right Now, Volume 1

Derek Sivers is a fascinating guy.  His brief (very brief) TED talks are each impactful, and the two episodes of the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast where Derek is interviewed are some of my favorite listening of the last weeks and months. One of the TED … [read more...]

My one non-resolution

    I don’t “do” resolutions. There’s a number of reasons for this, some of which have to do with the fact that as a school system employee, the beginning of the academic year feels more like a clean slate than the beginning of … [read more...]

4 Ways to have Substitutes Begging to Work in Your Classroom

Currently, the system in which I work is experiencing a substitute teacher shortage. There’s a whole host of reasons that this is happening here, some of which are not within … [Read More...]

1 Quick and Dirty Stress Fix for Anywhere and Anytime

Think back to the last time that you were really anxious. Or upset. Maybe frustrated. You know the first thing that goes south in these situations? Your … [Read More...]

The 80/20 rule in the Classroom

Last weekend I presented a number of stress management techniques to a group of teachers at the Maryland State Education Association conference, it has occurred to me that … [Read More...]